Exclusive: Two New Acoustic Tracks from Grift

With strong ties to predominantly Swedish poets and artists, Grift seek to convey the sense of melancholy and existential questions that artists and thinkers throughout history always have felt a strong ...

The Forest Passage 20: Napoleonic Synths

.:.THE FOREST PASSAGE 20.:. We discuss the latest release from OSTARA, GOST and the upcoming PERTURBATOR tour, dungeon synth from Рабор (RABOR), the long-awaited Greek Black Metal release from AGATUS, ...

Exclusive! Listen to the New Album ‘Luciferian’ by Tamerlan

Since 2006, Tamerlan has been the musical project of Timur Iskandarov, but also his outlet for breaching the boundaries between our reality and alternate realities, and for pushing beyond self-imposed limitations.From ...

News Ingathering

Rotorelief: Nurse With Wound ‘Spiral Insana’ Double Vinyl LP + Art Book + 2CD

The Silver Collection debuts with Nurse With Wound’s masterpiece, Spiral Insana.  Probably ...

Releases From Kazeria, Cawatana & In Slaughter Natives – Psicofonias – Las Voces Desconocidas

In Slaughter Natives – Psicofonias – Las Voces Desconocidas In the year 2008 ...

Ben Frost ‘The Wasp Factory’ Out Now & YULE 2016

In advance of new music from Ben Frost in 2017, Bedroom Community ...

Cascadian Yule XII: December 19 & 20, Twin Nights of Ritual Performance Which Shall Bridge Dusk With Dawn

Even as he reigns, swathed in brilliance, the sun creeps inexorably on ...

The Hogweed And The Aderyn’s New LP ‘Cosmogyral’ is Now Open For Reservations

In the history of Heathen Harvest we have always had a focus ...

Documents’ ‘Houses On The Borderland’ A Year Long Meditation on a Fateful Visit to Boleskine

Houses On The Borderland is a report from the weirdly intertwined histories of ...

Just Harvested

Live Report: Oathbreaker & WIFE in Munich

December 8, 2016 | Munich, DE | Feierwerk Written & photographed by Ben Manzella (More Than Flashing Lights & Sound) ______ As I will express further in an eventual contribution to my 2016 list of favored records from this year, Oathbreaker have grown all the more to become one of my favorite current bands. While […]

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Live Report: Einar Selvik, Draugurinn & Forndom in Stockholm

November 25, 2016 | Stockholm, SE | Nalen Written by Martin H.| Photography by Helena ______ Tänk På Döden… I had traveled to Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, in late November for a concert featuring three noteworthy musical projects: Forndom, Draugurinn, and Einar Selvik. The venue, Nalen, situated within walking distance from Stockholm’s medieval city center, was […]

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With One More Pass, Golgotha Communications Limited’s “Gatha Yasna” Could have Been Exceptional

I don’t know about you, but for me, one thing that acts like a real clear warning sign as to the likely merits of an album are glaring typos on the album artwork.  I know it’s very judgmental of me, but I can’t help but think that typos on the album artwork suggest sloppiness, a […]

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Waldgeflüster Lacks a Veteran Maturity on “Ruinen,” but Continues to Show Promise

I, like many others, was not familiar with Waldgeflüster until the release of their split with brother-in-arms Panopticon earlier this year. I was taken by their original track, “Der Traumschänder,” for its mix of raw emotion, intense energy, immediate catchiness, and clever blend of folk, atmosphere, and pummeling black metal. Enough so that I sought out […]

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Anaal Nathrakh’s “The Whole of the Law” Offers All the Comfort of an Undeniable, Uncaring Oblivion

During the press cycle for their seventh studio album, Vanitas, I remembered hearing British industrial black/grind duo Anaal Nathrakh referred to as “apocalypse pop.” I had balked at this. After all, at that time, Anaal Nathrakh was still my go-to extreme metal act for the cathartic release of my more, shall I say, unpopular thoughts […]

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Dronny Darko’s Spira Igneus: Quieter, Gentler Dark Ambient

I’d wager most fans of fringe science fiction have heard of Richard Kelly‘s mind-bending 2001 film Donny Darko.  Oleg Puzan must be one of these, for he’s named his dark ambient project after the movie—Dronny Darko, to be precise.  The movie’s plot is open for interpretation; its cleverly structured vagueness allows for a good deal […]

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“Inhabit Cold Mirrors” Is an Impressive Debut from Long-Standing Seattle-Area Musician Horns Valder

Inhabit Cold Mirrors is a new ambient project from Horns Valder, who has off-and-on been making various forms of noise, ambient, and black metal for well over a decade somewhere near Seattle, Washington. This is, I believe, his first official release, with virtually everything else having been random collections of songs that he, occasionally joined […]

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Destruktionsanstalt’s “Swedenborg”: A Symphony of Grief

I reviewed Destruktionsanstalt’s Corpus Invocationem several months back, so when the artist contacted me about writing up his latest release, I prepared myself for another wicked slab of death industrial. As it turns out, all that preparation was in vain, as this new record is quite a different beast. “Cold, paranormal death ambience… the sounds […]

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“Pure” Has Unfortunately Cut Out Enough Impurities to Lose the Heart of In the Woods…

What a long, strange trip it has been for In the Woods… Few bands could truly say they have gone down that proverbial rabbit hole in quite the same way, with its roots and branches entrenched in Green Carnation and its early years of phenomenal black metal on Heart of Ages that never received due […]

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“Rapida E Indolore” is Daniele Brusaschetto’s Existential Crises in a Sea of Distortion

The first thing to mention, perhaps, is that there’s an actual corpse glued to the otherwise minimalist cover art of this CD.  It’s a simple affair, with a plain white (though nicely textured and quite firm) paper CD cover, with the name of the artist and album title scrawled in unpretentious hand-written capitals—and, smack bang […]

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